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Private Guide and Driver

Travel At Morocco offers you professional driver and private guide, multilingual to travel comfortably around Morocco with a private vehicle, minibus, 4×4.

Private guide:

We offer a professional licensed private guide to travel with you. He gives help with language and culture, takes care of the details and makes sure your travel is safe and comfortable. “Travel at Morocco” offers you local guides with great knowledge of the history, cultures and traditions of the area.

Private driver:

We offer a professional driver will make your holiday fun and relaxing. Instead of renting a car yourself and stressing out with finding out about travel routes etc, you can sit back and let the driver take you to your destination. It’s worth bearing in mind that Moroccan roads are different from other countries. Unless you are an extremely capable driver, some of the remote roads may be difficult to navigate on. Some people love driving abroad and going on their adventures without a hired driver. If this is you, hiring a car might be a good option. We recommend you contact a reputable car hire agency. But if you prefer to have local support then hiring a driver will be a better option for you.

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