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Accommodations in Morocco

Accommodations in Morocco

Once you step foot in Morocco, an array of accommodations greets you, including riads, auberges, and more, each boasting its own unique architectural style and atmosphere. From lavish palaces to intimate riads nestled within bustling medinas, and even desert camps beneath the expansive Sahara sky, the choices mirror the diversity of the country’s landscapes. Some lodgings exude the refined allure of European influence, while others embrace the enduring charm of traditional Moroccan design, echoing a heritage steeped in history. Whether you seek opulent luxury or immersive cultural immersion, Morocco offers an experience that captivates your senses and leaves you yearning for further exploration.

List of some accommodations in Morocco:

  • Riads and Guesthouses: Houses with mainly local architecture, characterized by tranquillity and personal service that you may not find in big hotels.

  • Hotels: following the range of ranking based on your preferences.
  • Kasbah Hotel: A group of earthen buildings surrounded by high walls, the houses crowd together within the defensive walls, reinforced by corner towers. Kasbahs become one of the preferred destinations of tourists where they have their meals and spend the nights.

  • Berber Tents: the typical and authentic design preferred by Nomads. Tents were mainly made of camel, goat, or sheep wool; always furnished with carpet, a small table, solar-powered lamp/candles, and mattresses on the floor with sheets, blankets, and pillows. Toilets and bathrooms are included in some of them.

  • Luxury camps: are bigger and have proper bedding with some furniture luxury camps include a shower and toilet (depending on the luxury camp, it can be very basic to nicely appointed staff)

  • Auberge (Motel): small hotels scattered all over Morocco, mainly in off-road places. If you are an adventure – lover you will encounter them. Then you can take a rest or even spend a night there.
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