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Volubilis and Meknes


In this fabulous expedition we will travel via some of the most exciting areas of the middle Atlas which will certainly arouse your eagerness to explore the variety of the region’s scenery.

From Fez to Ifran

The starting point of such trip is from Fez across the grassland of Sais, which is one of the most fruitful and widespread plateau in the country.

As we push forward, we will face the first incline of middle Atlas mountains.

Those chains of mountains will lead us to our first stop by. i.e the small Imouzer town, which is famous for its Apple Festival in September.

The town is distinguished by its lakes that were shaped because of some volcanic activities in the very early past.

After we will run to Ifrane known as the “Switzerland of Morocco” throughout the Oak forest.

Thanks to its acclivity, the town undergoes a great deal of snow over the winter season.

Accordingly, such climate makes the area very fresh in hot weather.

There is also the National Park which is celebrated with the persistence of a gigantic number of apes, without mentioning the huge existence of cedar trees that cover the whole area.

From Ifran to Azrou : One of the most stupendous space in the Middle Atlas.

The word ‘Azrou’ stands for rock in Tamazight and at the middle of the town next to the large new mosque is the eponymous rock.

The town posses a special loosening atmosohere for those who are hungry for hiking in the wooded environs.

Characterized by the vast cedar forest.

Its market is largely known by plentiful handcrafted products.

Back to Fez.

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