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Ifrane means the Caves in  Amazigh  langauge  , north-central Morocco. Ifrane was founded in 1929 and is situated in the Middle Atlas (Moyen Atlas) mountains;  It is also the home of Al-Akhawayn University (1995), a public institution of higher education modeled on the American university system.Ifrane with its royal palaces, gardens, single-family houses with sloped roofs appears as a great tourist destination. .

This city is a photographer’s paradise – there are beautiful, unique sites, no matter where you look. During the winter Ifrane gets more visitors than usual, as many people come here for skiing or simply to enjoy the pleasure of snow.

Main places:

Ifrane mosque

Al Akhawayn University

Ifrane Lake

Lake Aoua DAIT

Ifrane National Park

Michlifen Ski Resort


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