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El Jadida



El Jadida is a city of about 150,000 inhabitants, capital of the important agricultural region of Doukkala. the city does not deserve a full day’s stay, it is also true that the visit to the old Portuguese citadel and, above all, the cistern of the same, well worth approaching, even if only during the 2 – 3 hours Which are used to visit it. It also has the advantage of having a parking next to the access to the citadel, so you can enter the city to visit it “a shot” .-


What to visit:

-The only interesting part of the city, which alone deserves the visit to the old fort that conformed the Portuguese city and it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and largely restored by the implementation of something like a “comprehensive plan for the rehabilitation of the historic area”, which in less than a year has achieved surprising results.


-The Portuguese cistern.- (Entrance 10 Dh.) .- It was built at the same time as the fortress fulfilling the functions of armory (1514). It was in 1541 when it became a cistern. It is a large square room of 33×33 m, the ceiling is formed by 36 vaults that lean on 25 columns.

-The wall: It presents / displays five bastions, four reconstructed, and is conditioned to walk by the height of her in its length.

-The Citadel.


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