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Azrou is a very friendly  Berber town situated 80 kilometer south of Fez. It’s a wonderful place to stop and relax when you can’t take anymore souks and hustlers. The town lies  between steep wooded hills and a volcanic outcrop, at an altitude of 1200 meters. Azrou has a tradition of weaving as it was an old market town of a nomadic people. Newly woven rugs and blankets can be found at the Tuesday souk or the Ensemble Artisanal. The town is famous for its green tiled roofs.

The Azrou region was one of the first areas of the North Africa  inhabited by humans. This was confirmed by new discoveries of the Institute of the science of archeology and heritage that has exposed vestiges of Neolithic cultures that date back more than fifty thousand years. This village, located at the foot of the shoulder of the Middle Atlas is full of life, especially in summer.

What to see in Azrou

Cedre Gouad tree ,

Was an old cedre tree (about 800 years ) of cedrus atlantica in the Atlas mountains  of Morocco, near Azrou in the Ifrane National park . it had about 35m tall and 10m of perimeter when died befor 2003. It has been left standing .

Blue Grove

Azrou is surrounded by hills and is a perfect place to walk and enjoy excellent views of the city and its surroundings. It is also interesting to visit an old kasbah flanked by towers, built in 1684.

The main interest of the city is in its cooperative of crafts, where women weave carpets and other craftsmen carve the cedars that are the specialty of the region. In addition to that, the environment is conducive to the collection of mushrooms and trout fishing.

The Azrou Cedar  forest

Forest is a source of great pride throughout the country. Moroccan cedars, some more than 400 years old, grow to heights of close to 240 feet and cover some 320,000 acres on the slopes of the Middle Atlas, the High Atlas, and the Rif at altitudes between 3,940 and 9,200 feet. Cedar is much coveted by woodworkers, particularly makers of stringed musical instruments.




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