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Al Hoceima



Al Hoceima  situated on the northeast coast of Morocco (Mediterranean Sea) is the largest tourist center on the Mediterranean coast. Alhucemas enjoys a spectacular scenery of steep mountains that plunge into the sea and a beautiful bay that shelters a great white sandy beach. This city gains its main protagonism during the summer that is when numerous Moroccan tourists begin to take their streets. .


The main reason that Al Hoceima is the largest coastal city of the Rif is tourism, taking advantage of its international airport and hotel infrastructure. Today the city is a popular destination among Spaniards from Melilla, Moroccans and mostly European tourists from France who come on organized trips to enjoy its beaches and its surroundings.

What to see

The main attraction lies in the beaches around the town and its wooded hills which are ideal for activities such as hiking.

The new part of the city runs all the way to the cliffs located on the beach of the city, called Plage Quemado. In the heart of it is the Plaza Massira Al Khadra, the main square of the city. From here you can see a spectacular view of the Peñon de Alhucemas, a Spanish-owned island, a few hundred meters from the coast.


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