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Fez to Chefchaouen


Chefchaouen is a small town in the north eastern part of Rif mountains, full of both of charm and authenticity and away from the biggest touristic centers.

The city is known as the blue city of the north since Its streets’ walls are an assortment of blue and white colour.

Chefchaouen has always been a well-liked destination for tourists.

The city was founded in 1741.

In 1920 The Spanish sized Chefchaouen to be part of  Spanish Morocco.

As far as this area’s handcraft is concerned, people wear all sorts of wollen clothing.

Besides the great variety of woven blankets.

We not only hold out a day hiking all over the town but also a widespread trips through the Rif Mountains.

Our first stop by will be the Kasabah museum in the heart of the medina.

The kasbah is a heavily restored walled castle that now embraces an appealing yard, a small Ethnographic Museum  with  some tempting views of old Chefchaouen, including the plaza and the kasbah.

The gallery guarantees true opportunities for local artists to display their work.

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