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Erg Chebbi

This impressive formation of dunes located in the Tafilalt region and 50 km from the city of Erfoud is one of the most beautiful landscapes in Morocco. It is an immense stretch of sand framed between the towns of Merzouga and Hassi Labied. The word Erg comes from Arabic and means “dune” and specifically characterizes a type of unique sand dunes in the Sahara.

The winding dunes of the area have inspired multiple stories. Among them one about their origin, since the legend tells that when a rich family in the area denied their hospitality to a poor woman and her son, as punishment, God buried them under the mantle of these beautiful dunes.

To enter these camel dunes is to start in the desert ritual, which will lead us to find our primary being and embrace the feeling of freedom. Walk the high desert dunes on a camel, sleep in a jaima surrounded by kilometers and kilometers of fine sand, observe in the silence of the night a sky covered with stars that you can caress with your hand, wake up with the powerful sunlight that is born on the horizon like a big fireball … The Erg Chebbi, a mobile dune field in the desert of the border with Algeria, is able to give the traveler some of the most delicious natural scenes on the planet. We can emulate the great Lawrence of Arabia on the back of a camel through the orange dunes enjoying the sunset in a place that will transport us to the time of the great expeditions.

Merzouga is located at the gates of the dunes of Erg Chebbi, where a whole paradise of endless sand begins, dotted with oases of film that refresh and shade. There is the possibility of entering a camel, 4×4 or quad vehicles for excursions, skiing on the dunes or enjoying a treatment based on sand baths to cure rheumatism or sinusitis. One of the most intense moments of the desert is watching the sunset or sunrise from the great dune. The sun dyes the rolling mountains with reds, ocher and shadows, and gives way to the night, where we can enjoy the hotel with more stars in the world.

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