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tetouan, Morocco.

Tetouan or Tittawin is one of the nicest cities in Morocco, great beaches and a good reputation make this a must-visit city for every tourist. The beautiful setting, modern streets, and around-the-clock activities make this city a number one attraction.

It is the only open port of Morocco on the Mediterranean Sea. Perched atop the slope of a narrow valley with a huge dark mass of rock, the city has a very beautiful setting. It is surrounded by the majestic mountains in the south and the west.

Tetouan is just about 40 miles from the city of Tangier. It has nearly a population of 463.968 as per 2014 figures, you will find the Moroccan Darija and the Berber Tamazight languages being used by the locals in their daily life. and you will also find businesspeople using Spanish as well as use French.

Discover the medina: 

Tetouan’s medina might be one of the smallest in Morocco, but it is unquestionably it is most complete. Largely untouched since the 17th century save for a few recent restorations, the Spanish-influenced medina is garnished as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Wander through its various ethnic quarters – Andalusian, Berber, and Jewish – and experience Morocco’s multicultural history first-hand.

What to see:
  • Tetouan Museum of Modern Art
  • Place Hassan II
  • Feddan Park
  • Ensanche
  • Dar El Oddi
  • Leather Souq
  • Grande Mosquée
  • Jewellery Souq



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