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Tangier is a bustling city, located in the extreme north of Morocco. which grows day by day with unbridled rhythm, retaining a cosmopolitan character. It was the centre of inspiration for an entire generation of artists and politicians, during its time as a colonial city. Tangier has been continually agitated by waves of Western and Eastern invasions.

Tangier arranged like an amphitheatre on the Strait of Gibraltar, it looks at the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. Its location, its history and the hotel comforts offer to make Tangier a privileged destination for travellers looking for romantic memories.

View of Tangier:

Few cities in the world have that mesmerizing, mix between African and European culture. The Mediterranean Sea and the proximity of Tangier with Europe, have fomented all kinds of exchanges between one zone and the other, all thanks to the scarce 14.5 km that separates Tangier, from the city of Algeciras. Tangier has many attractions that will amaze you. Attractions that not many know, but they love at first sight.

What to see:

Despite being one of the largest towns, it is a city that you can easily walk on foot. As with almost every city in the country, it is divided into two parts. For a place, we have the old town or medina, which starts from the port up the hill and on the other hand, we have the “Ville Nouvelle” built by Europeans during the twentieth century and whose centre, is the Place de France.

  • The medina or the ancient city.
  • The Great Souk or square on April 9, 1947.
  • The Anglican Church of St Andrew
  • The Parque de la Mendubia
  • The Catholic church
  • The Dar Niaba,
  • The Legation of the United States of 1821
  • Kasbah
  • New city street.
  • Kasbah square. 
  • Cape Spartel.
  • Caves of Hercules

  • Museum of Moroccan Arts and Antiquities
  • Museum of Contemporary Art
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