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ouirgane village

Ouirgane is a Berber village, located in the tranquil foothills of the High Atlas Mountains. In the heart of the Toubkal. National Park lays the pretty Berber village of Ouirgane (pronounced Weer-gan).

About 90 minutes drive from Marrakech, it has a gentle winter climate and moderates in summer. This village provides an alternative and lesser-visited village base for walking, horse riding and mountain biking trips in the Atlas.

Wonderful views of the Toubkal range, a wide variety of birdlife, a fresh and invigorating altitude of 1,000 metres, await the traveller who makes it here. Ouirgane is located on the valley floor of the Oued Nfis (river N’fis), and spring is a fantastic time to visit when the almond blossoms are absolutely breathtaking.

Ouirgane has a souq noted for its Berber pottery the Tin Mal Mosque, a ruined kasbah, and several salt mines in the vicinity.  There are also two notable hotels with facing gardens; a stream near the hotels “drains the western face of Jbel Toubkal”. La Roseraie hotel has horse-riding facilities to accommodate the many tourists who visit during the summer months; it also has a health centre above the mineral stream. The Auberge au Sanglier Qui Fume is a hunter’s lodge.  Tagadirt n’Bour is constructed of drystone walls and is located 4 kilometres (2.5 mi) south of the village.

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