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Nomads in Morocco

Nomads in Morocco
The Lifestyle of Nomads in Morocco

Nomads are a community with no settled homes, moving from one place to another as a way of obtaining food and water, finding pastures for their flocks, or otherwise making a living. Travel At Morocco company offers its guests a glimpse into the Berber nomad’s lifestyle in Morocco, for example, where and how they live.

Nomads in Morocco spread out in the desert along the Algerian borders and in the fertile valleys of the High Atlas Mountains. Living a harsh life, struggling every day to obtain water to drink and food to eat, driving their flocks to new pastures, and gather wood to make a fire because their daily life is based on survival.

They live freely as they did centuries ago using tents made of camel wool as their homes, which easily adapt to different weather conditions. The unchangeable Amazigh (Berber) culture is preserved due to the geographically isolated position where these places are located.

Nomads live in places where water must always be present from a close water source and cattle herding is the main source of their income, as they can sell their animals on a regular weekly cattle’s market.

With Travel At Morocco company, you can experience the life of the Berber Nomads during your stay in Morocco by visiting one of those families and get a chance to know more about their way of life.

Just be sure you will be astonished by their hospitality and you will be warmly greeted with a glass of tea which is served with mint or other local herbs. They will really be happy to tell you whatever you want to know about them, their way of life and their traditions, for example:

  • How they care about their animals.
  • How their tents are built.
  • How their traditional meals are prepared especially the Berber pizza.
  • How the artistic textiles and carpets of morocco are made.
Let’s help the nomads and make their life much better.

Helping Nomads is one of our company’s priorities, and our mission in this initiative is to improve their lives and make it better and help to keep their customs and traditions. A portion of each tour will be donated to those Nomad families. This donation goes directly to providing educational materials, basic food items, clothes, blankets…etc.

Travel At Morocco company offers its clients a chance to be a part of this initiative and welcomes all sorts of collaboration with any institutions, associations, or individuals.

Please do not hesitate if you have any further suggestions or questions to contact us.



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