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Marrakech city is one of the most important cities in Morocco, and also one of the four imperial cities of Morocco.

The city is formed by the old medina, the colonial city, at the foot of the rock of Guéliz and along with it, that has developed the new neighbourhoods of Hibernate and Agdal, which are the modern Marrakech, where large hotels, restaurants and nightclubs abound And that is an excellent place to eat in Marrakech. In its surroundings highlights its famous palm grove.

The sights of Marrakech:

  • The Koutoubia Mosque:

It is one of the largest in the Muslim West. Its impressive minaret resembles the Giralda of Seville since the Andalusians were inspired by it to build their tower. It is next to the Jema el Fna Square, and the imam that calls to pray and rhythm the life of the population of the Marrakech medina.

  • The Menara Gardens:

Menara is a large garden with olive trees under the Almohad dynasty about 45 minutes walk from Jamaa El Fna square, in the centre of Marrakech, Morocco.

  • The Saadian Tombs:

Saadian tombs are located in the Kasba neighbourhood, next to the mosque of the same name and the El Badi Palace, south of the medina.
It is a garden-cemetery that is part of the El-Mansur mosque, which is located just behind, which was recovered by the Sardines in the 16th century to house the tombs of their kings and their families.

  • Give Si Said:

It is one of the most beautiful palaces in Marrakech. Your visit constitutes a true initiation to Moroccan crafts

  • The Majorelle garden:

The Majorelle Gardens are quite large gardens with many different plants. The plants are divided into cacti, palm trees, bamboo, garden plants and aquatic plants.

  • Jamaa el Fna Square:

It is the central square of Marrakech and the most important place in the medina.

  • Bahia Palace:
Built at the end of the 19th century, the Bahia Palace was built with the aim of being the most impressive palace of all time.
  • The souk:
The souk of Marrakech is the place where Moroccans do their shopping and one of the great tourist attractions on your trip to Marrakech in Morocco.
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