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Fes city Morocco


is famous for the ancient walled city, which many compare to the old walled city of Jerusalem. It is the first of the imperial cities of Morocco since it dates back to the 8th century. It is also a pioneer in the Muslim cult of Morocco and has one of the oldest universities in the world. All these firsts make this Imperial city a particularly attractive city with a lively and influential culture. Fes is particularly, known for being the cultural and spiritual capital of Morocco center of art and science.

Fes city:

is one of the most interesting and attractive destinations in the North African country. Although Fes has managed to adapt to modern life, it also preserves its traditions and most authentic Moroccan lifestyles.

We can wander through its narrow streets and lose ourselves in the incredible architectural wonder integrated into the daily life of the city. It is a place with walls of adobe and bricks, courtyards of different heights, pillars covered with tiles, etc.

What to see in Fes:
  • The Medina of Fes el-Bali (ancient Fes), as we have said before, is one of the largest medieval sites in the world, it is a magical place full of life. Among its monuments, the Karaouine and Andalusian Mosques occupy a prominent place.


  • The Karaouine Mosque is the second-largest mosque in Morocco. The Karaouine Mosque itself is possibly the most sacred place in Fes. It is a shame that non-Muslims can not admire the beauty of the interior, but this is regulated by the Islamic religion precisely because of its sacredness. Its minaret dates from 956 and is the oldest Islamic monument in Fes.


  • There are three ancient museums in Fes that are worth visiting and also offer a good place to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the streets and the medina.


  • The Museum of the Nejarine Arts and wooden handicrafts, the Museum of Moroccan Art (Batha), and the Museum of Armas (Bordj Nord).


  • HennaSoq, a market specialized in hair dyes and beautiful henna tattoos that are made on the extremities of women.


  • Next to the old walled city appears Fes el-Jdid, the seat of the Jewish community, formed by spectacular buildings. Among the dislocated Dar Batha, now called Batha Museum.


  • The first Mellah was established in the city of Fes in 1438, on that date the Jews were moved from the old part of Fes.


  • The Royal Palace (Only visible from the outside) is located in the square of Alaouites and stands out for its majestic golden doors…


  • Gardens Jinan Sbil, way which was founded in the 18th century, has made it a unique flora and organize a distinctive jewel in the Andalusian tradition. This space saturated with history, is the memory, the oldest public park, and characterized by the spiritual capital of the Moroccan kingdom.
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