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Where is Chefchaouen?

Chefchaouen, or Chefchaouen, is a city located in the Rif Mountains, in the northwestern part of Morocco. It is one of the most attractive tourist spots in Morocco and offers a series of picturesque prints of extraordinary beauty.

Arrival and park

If we arrive by car the best areas to park are:
Mazjen Square, in front of the Hotel Parador, the most central but very busy. There are carguards.
Around the gates of the Medina Bab el Ain or Bab el Suk,
Another good option is to cross the city and exit in the direction of Fez, turning towards the source of Ras el Ma, park the vehicle there and enter the door of Bab Onzar in the Medina.

Chaouen is a city of shopping. The influx of tourists has encouraged this local industry that feeds on local producers and the best crafts in the country. On your walk through the city you will find numerous shops where you have to prepare to haggle.
The shopping area is the medina, in the vicinity of the Uta el Hammam square, which has a craft center next to the hostel.

What to buy in Chaouen?

We will see a wide variety of doors, tables and other furniture carved or finely decorated. The best places to buy are the Rincon de Said, next to the square, Chaouen Art, new city, near the bus station, and the Ben Ayad Coperativa, next to the Bab el Ain gate

Metal, wood and leather craftsmen

Metal lanterns, copper lamps, tables, hangers etc. are typical of metal. Very attractive works with a variety of shapes and sizes.
In wood we have the typical boxes of Essaouria and in leather the typical works of Tetouan and Fez, such as the famous slippers, belts, bags, purses etc.


The typical pottery of the area is from Oued Laud, of very primitive mud. The ceramic of Safi and Sale is more attractive and of good price. The one with the best and most expensive design is that of Fez.

Perfumery and aesthetics

Shops abound where to buy soaps and traditional cosmetic substances to care for skin and hair.
The most typical are Azmizcle, perfume with aphrodisiac properties, Ghassoul powder ideal for skin and hair, essence perfumes and creams of flowers, oils and creams of Argan, Nopal and Nigella, soaps of argan oil, flowers of lavender, aloe and figs.

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