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Casablanca, Morocco.

Casablanca: It is the largest city in Morocco, as well as its main port. In the 2012 census, it registered a population of 6,949,805 inhabitants. It is considered the economic and commercial center of Morocco, while the political capital is the city of Rabat.

Where is Casablanca:

It is a city in western Morocco, is located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, 80 km south of Rabat, the administrative capital.

Origin name:

Casablanca owes its name to the fact that the Portuguese sailors who paid for this place, identified it by a small white house on the hill of Anfa, “a Cazablanca”. Casablanca of “Casa” and “Blanca”, words whose origin comes from the Romance language. This name began to be used popularly when the French army occupies the city in 1907.

What to visit in Casablanca:

1- Hassan II Great Mosque: Completed in 1993 is a pharaonic work, which was paid by all Moroccans in the popular subscription. It is located on the beach and stands majestically topped by its minaret over 200 meters high, the highest in the world. At its top, there is a laser beam that marks the direction of Mecca, with a range of 30km.

2- The new medina or neighborhoods of Habous: Located to the south in the Mers Sultán district and built by the French in the Arab style, to replace the old neighborhood, it is a good place to buy handicrafts, spices, slippers, etc.
A pleasant walk through the shops allows us to find objects of art deco. There is a bit of everything: clothing sellers, traditional antique dealers, jewelry stores, bookstores, Moroccan furniture stores, sale of olives and spices, boilermakers, carpet vendors … A series of small shops and bazaars reveal a variety of visitors Moroccan crafts, from all over the country: ceramics, leather goods, wooden furniture.

Geography and urbanization:

The metropolis is bounded by the ocean to the west but extends more and more to the north, east, and south. It also suffers from a large agglomeration of shanty towns on its periphery, a phenomenon that the government has been trying to completely eliminate since 2012.

Urbanization and architecture:

are marked by different styles, ranging from neo-Moorish to art-deco, as it was for many decades a “laboratory city” of the world’s great architects. On the other hand, the city has witnessed major projects, such as the Hassan II la Mezquita, the Casablanca Navy, and the Twin Center, and attracts more and more real estate investors.

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