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About us

Travel At Morocco is a travel company that organizes tours to visit the best destinations in Morocco. We are an Amazigh (Berber) family, the indigenous people of Morocco, who spent their childhood and youth in the Sahara desert. Our region is known by tourism for the whole year, which allowed us to meet for decades with tourists and accumulate an important experience in tourism. We established this company to help people who want to enjoy their tours to Morocco in their own way.

Our team are all Berbers, who grew up in the desert and studied languages, history and Moroccan culture in different parts of Morocco, as well as they have many years of experience in leading tours all around Morocco (guides, muleteers, camel drivers and cooks). They have all the capabilities to show you the real face of Morocco in an unforgettable way and make your holiday to be a memorable vacation.

If you are thinking about visiting Morocco, please contact us. Whether you’re on your Honeymoon, an elderly couple, a family with kids, or have only a limited time for your vacation and want to go somewhere not in a guidebook, we can do it. We will try hard to make your trip perfect. It’s our pleasure to help you.



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