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Takes you on an ultimate experience through Mountains, Imperial Cities, Sahara Desert, Mountains, Atlantic coast. Explore the Kasbah trail, oases valleys, old Medinas, the golden dunes of the Sahara Desert in Erg Chebbi, ride camels into the dunes and Enjoy your very own nomadic tent.

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We have many years of experience in travel field. We use only new and comfortable A/C vehicles for all our private Morocco tours.

We have a team of local drivers who have the best knowledge of driving in remote areas and busy cities.

It is our responsibility and the main goal to provide excellent transport services for our clients.

Camel trekking gives you a comfortable ride inside the desert dunes, air-conditioned cars pick you up to any of your preferred destinations and a driver/guide with great experience the length of your tour. We also provide airport transfers.

The best time to visit Morocco

Deciding on when to visit Morocco can be a little difficult. Generally, the mild months from September to April tend to be most popular with travellers’ due to the pleasing weather however; nights have the propensity to be cooler, especially in the desert. The summer months which are from June to August get very hot with travellers flocking to the beach destinations mainly on the Athletic ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. In winter, periods from November to February, the weather is nice, however; areas such as the Atlas Mountains can get cold, with snow occurring occasionally.

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Our main objective in “Travel at Morocco” is to satisfy our clients. We do our best to make them very happy and spend great memories of their holidays. It’s with great pleasure that we serve the tourists thanks to the experience we accumulate for a long time ago in this domain. Among the services we offer:

  • Imperial Cities
  • New Years Eve in Morocco
  • Easter Week in Morocco
  • Charity for Nomads
  • Private Morocco Tours
  • Experienced English Guides
  • Experienced English Speaking Drivers
  • Accommodation (Hotels, Auberges, Riads, kasbahs and Nomadic tents)
  • Morocco Excursions
  • Morocco Activities
  • Adventure 4×4 around the desert of Erg Chebbi
  • Sahara Desert camel Trekking
  • Advice Before Coming to Morocco
  • Always Reasonable Prices for Private Tours
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  • Always Friendly and Helpful Advice
Where to go in Morocco?

Geographically, The country divides into four basic zones: the coast, the great imperial cities, the Rif and Atlas Mountains, and the Sahara desert.

In general, the coast is best enjoyed in the north at Tangier, Asilah and Larache, and in the south at El Jadida, Essaouira, perhaps the most easy-going resort. Agadir and Taghazout, the main package-tour resorts, are also favoured by most the tourists.

In the outstanding cities of Fez, Marrakesh, Rabat and Meknes lie the charming view of Morocco. They are the great imperial capitals of the country’s various dynasties. The cities contain the most popular historical monuments worth visiting.

The Atlas- Mountains or the highest mountain range, and a trekker’s paradise from spring to autumn. The High Atlas runs diagonally across Morocco encircling Marrakesh to the south and east from the Atlantic Coast just north of Agadir to Khenifra in the northeast. Its peaks act as a weather barrier between the mild, Mediterranean climate to the north and the encroaching Sahara to the south.

In its highest reaches, snow falls regularly from September to May, allowing for winter sports in Oukaïmeden, while year-round rivers flow northwards towards Marrakesh creating a network of fertile valleys – the Zat, Ourika, Mizane and Ouirgane. Happiest of all is the secluded valleys of the central High Atlas, which include Zaouiat Ahansal and Aït Bougomez.

The Erg Chebbi dunes are located forty kilometres from Erfoud, near the town of Merzouga. Historically, they are famous for their great height and size; they can rise up to one hundred fifty meters high in some places, are twenty-two kilometres long, and five kilometres wide. getting to the dunes was a hardship on Moroccans and other traders passing through Erg Chebbi, as they followed the Saharan Caravan Route to carry salts, gold, slaves, and spices to Timbuktu.

When you go there, you will know what real authenticity is about. Have you ever imagined being in a place where you can’t hear any sound you’re used to? Only the silence… Have you ever imagined a landscape so huge that you can’t see the end of it? Have you ever seen so many stars that you feel as you were floating in space? There are no words to describe its wideness or the sensations it’ll bring to you. Because there’s no place that would be able to make you feel as much and would be able to leave you without breath.

Sahara Desert Morocco Tours

Enjoy the desert in all its joy, Depart from Marrakesh and head through Morocco’s southern regions and desert before ending in Fez or returning to Marrakech.

Travel at Morocco can help you put together the perfect customized Morocco desert tour. Departing from Marrakech, Tangier, Fez or Casablanca you can explore the magic and the charming dunes of the Sahara Desert. You will get the chance to enjoy the great sights of the south of Morocco. We’ll help you put together the desert camel trek excursion of a lifetime with the outstanding nights you have ever experienced. Although you have tried a wide variety of adventures or activities in different parts of the world, Morocco is unique in itself

Various other features for a travel package:

Visiting Morocco with “Travel at Morocco” is of great value. Don’t lose this golden opportunity. Your tours and excursions will be safe and comfortable.

Special Activities

“Travel At Morocco” offers you special activities from trekking in the Sahara desert, High Atlas Mountains, Anti-Atlas Mountains, and Middle Atlas Mountains, beaches along Casablanca or Agadir, Riads, the Desert, the food, shopping in Tangier or Fez, festivals, to steam baths. Morocco is a home of different adventures, activities, and attractions. Exploring the place can ensure the most enjoying and fulfilling travel experience you will yearn for. Making it as your number one destination to visit is a great decision you will always keep in mind over the years.

Having the Saharan desert, you have the opportunity to experience some of the most dramatic or diverse landscapes. This is why skiing in one of its spectacular mountains, camel trekking, and visiting ancient cities are all possible. Although you have tried a wide variety of adventures or activities in different parts of the world, Morocco is unique in itself.

Our tours are led by a native-born Moroccan tour guide.
You can choose from:
  • Sahara desert tours.
  • Personalised itineraries.
  • Camel trekking
  • Hiking 
  • 4×4 Assistance
  • Trips from Fes.
  • Trips from Marrakech.
  • Trips from Tangier.
  • Trips from Agadir
  • Any request route you wish, we can help.

Choose how you want to view the magical land of Morocco, and we’ll make it happen; from the peaks and valleys of the Atlas Mountains to the blue tones of Chefchaouen, to a stunning sunset in the Sahara Desert. Bearing in mind that you can change the tours according to your preferences; in case you want to, just contact us beforehand.
We will introduce you to nomads, offer private tours of the ancient Medinas and share the exotic wonders of Marrakech. Morocco is a land that is truly best-consumed whole.

Together we will create a Morocco custom tour, that will maximise your journey and offer you all the highlights and adventure you seek.

Destinations and Attractions

Morocco is a land rich in natural beauty and unforgettable places that are both fascinating to visit and intriguing to explore. For those who want to immerse themselves in Moroccan culture and history, there are hundreds of mosques, palaces, and historical sites to visit. Some of the favourites on our list include the ancient city of Asilah, the Grottoes of Hercules, and the El Bahia Palace. Equally memorable is the Moroccan landscape, which is framed by several impressive destinations such as the Sahara Desert and stunning mountain ranges such as the High Atlas, the Chefchaouen Mountains and the Oregano Mountains, which offer outdoor activities such as snow skiing, hiking, climbing, and adventure travel. For travellers wanting the relaxation of seaside towns and beaches, the Moroccan coast is home to spectacular fishing villages such Dakhla and swimming beaches such as Plage Quemada and Lalla Fatma.



Once you arrive in Morocco, you will be surprised by the various accommodations it has got with different designs. Some were influenced by European architecture while others still abide by the Moroccan design inherited from generation to generation.

List of some accommodations in Morocco:

  • Riads and Guesthouses: Houses with mainly local architecture, characterised by tranquillity and personal service that you may not find in big hotels.


  • Hotels: following the range of ranking based on your preferences.


  • Kasbahs: A group of earthen buildings surrounded by high walls, the houses crowd together within the defensive walls, which are reinforced by corner towers. Kasbahs become one of the preferred destinations of tourists where they have their meals and spend the nights.


  • Berber Tents: the typical and authentic design preferred by Nomads. Tents were mainly made of camel, goat or sheep wool; always furnished with carpet, small table, solar-powered lamp/candles, mattresses on the floor with sheets, blankets and pillow. Toilets and bathrooms are included in some of them.


  • Luxury camps: are bigger and have proper bedding with some furniture luxury camp included shower and toilet (depending on luxury camp, can be very basic to nicely appointed staff)


  • Auberge (Hostel): small hotels scattered all over Morocco, mainly in off road places. If you are adventure – lover you will encounter them. Then you can take a rest or even spend a night there.
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“Travel at Morocco” offers you local guides with great knowledge of the history, cultures and traditions of the area.

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