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asni tour

Some natural points of Morocco are certainly special and interesting to know. One of them is the Asni Valley, which is one of the best known next to the Valley of the Roses. It can be easily accessed from the city of Marrakech after a journey of approximately one hour and is in the surroundings of the High Atlas mountains, an area where you can meet this town and the valley in which it is located.

It is a natural area that offers visitors highly recommended landscapes to see and photograph, as well as being a valley where you can enjoy guided tours and nature excursions. It is a place where different colors and shades are combined thanks to the desert sand and the green of the vegetation.

In certain points of the valley different accommodations and alternatives are offered so that tourists can stay in this town, in addition to having other alternatives such as camel riding, among other possibilities to see first hand the charms of the valley. Also near this town is the Moulay Brahim Sanctuary, about 15 kilometers away. The zone of the valley and the one of the town can be done jointly and to know the local customs.

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