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Where is Agadir?

Agardir is an Atlantic city located in the gulf of the same name, where the Atlas Mountains reach the sea, next to the mouth of the Souss River. At 600 km from Rabat and 850 km from Ceuta, it is very well connected to Marrakech, Casablanca, Rabat and Tangier by the new toll road, and has a modern airport.

It is an important fishing center and commercial port, agricultural center of the first order, leader in the production of citrus fruits, bananas, flowers and early vegetables. With a warm and dry subtropical climate, it is the great city of southern Morocco and capital of the rich agricultural region of Souss – Massa – Draa.

Agadir gives its name to the fishing ground that until the early 1990s was used under fishing agreements by the Spanish fishing boats of the Bay of Cádiz, receiving the fleet of steamboats from the port of Isla Cristina (Huelva) from the 1920s for this reason the name of Agadir’s fleet.

What to see in Agadir?

1. The new Medina

Highlight the New Medina south of the city, designed by the architect Coco Polizzi, under construction, which has recreated a medieval city, where artisan shops, cafes and typical restaurants abound

2. The old Kasbah

In front of the port, the old Kasbah to the northwest deserves a view, on the commercial port, in ruins from the earthquake, located 7 km from the center, on a promontory of 230 meters of altitude, with beautiful views from the walls.

3. Crafts

In all its region especially in Taroudant leather is worked, there are also works in brass, mats, and beautiful pieces of jewelry in silver and semi precious stones, as well as horns to store gunpowder adorned with silver sheets and weapons inlaid with silver.

Because of its proximity you can find Saharan crafts with the typical and colorful clothes that Melaf women cover.

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